The Stony Brook Robotics Team's Mentorship Program is an initiative created to develop the skills of aspiring roboticists, engineers, and scientists at Stony Brook University through peer mentorship in a wide-variety of fields ranging from mechanical design to computer vision. The program matches students to SBRT members based on topic and project interests. Over the course of a year, students are taught the fundamentals of a specific field and are given collaborative projects that will help them apply their newly learned skills to build practical technologies.

Started in Fall 2018, the Mentorship Program seeks to harness the resources of SBRT members to help the next generation of Stony Brook engineers grow in their respective fields through hands-on training and projects. SBRT members from across all of our design teams volunteer to mentor 3-4 mentees from a diverse spectrum of majors. As the mentees continue to develop their skills, they will learn about their respective interests as well as the broader STEM field.

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