The Internal Competition is an annual robotics competition hosted by the Stony Brook Robotics Team at Stony Brook University for new members, robotics enthusiasts, and interested students from the university. Every Fall, students from all across campus delve into the field of robotics, learn engineering fundamentals, and build their own robots. The competition primarily focuses on a set of objectives that must be accomplished by a robot that is built to specifications provided by SBRT. Tools, materials, and other resources are provided by SBRT to participants so that they can build robots without any hindrance other than the competition rules.

The Internal Competition starts in mid-September and provides approximately six weeks of design and building time before the competition day in November. Participants are organized into teams of 4-6 members who collaboratively build a robot. During the build period, SBRT hosts workshops on mechanical CAD, microcontrollers and, programming for students to develop their skills as they build their robots. On competition day in November, faculty, staff, and students from across the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences are invited to watch the showcase.

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2021 - Robot Castle Defense

In the 2021 Internal Competition, we challenged teams to develop the best robot to defend their castle against the opposing team's robot. On the Castle Defense Battlefield, each team made a conscious choice to defend or attack their opponent's castle to claim the most points for a victory. The competition utilized Bluetooth and WiFi remote-controlled robots to navigate across the battlefield.


In the 2019 Internal Competition, teams are challenged to build battle bots-esque robots to participate in the Robo Rumble arena. The competition consists of developing remote-controlled robots that can knock of the attached armor pieces of opposition robots, while defending against their strikes.


In the 2018 Internal Competition, teams participated in an obstacle course challenge called Robot Ninja Warriors. The competition consisted of building remote-controlled robots to race through an obstacle course in the shortest time.

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