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The Stony Brook Robotics Team is always looking for passionate, and curious students to be part of our ever-growing community. Join us in doing bold things.

Send us an email or join us at our General Body Meetings (GBM) to share what you would like to be involved in!


If you have a passion for robotics, engineering, and hands-on learning, join us at our weekly General Body Meetings (GBM) to learn about what we do, how to get involved, and how you can contribute to our projects.

You can also visit us during our lab hours and build sessions throughout the week. We are constantly learning about new topics, planning new projects, and developing our robots. The Fall 2019 lab hours and build sessions calendar is to be determined.

When looking for new members, what we look for most are passion and dedication. Experience is not necessary! We love people who love robots and love to be involved. If you've had previous experience, that is a bonus, but only really important if you wish to take a leadership role.

Technical Projects

Robotics is a multidisciplinary field that requires collaboration between people with a diverse set of skills, from mechanical fabrication to computer vision. Regardless of what you are passionate about and what you want to achieve, there will be ample opportunity to take on interesting challenges and learn something new.

For the past several years, our team has designed and built several robots, including a Mars Rover and a Battle Bot. This year, our team will be focusing on two primary projects: an Autonomous Ground Vehicle and a Mars Rover, with positions open across all of our engineering teams, including some leadership roles.

Business Endeavors

Running a large, diverse, and passionate team requires a strong business side to support all of our projects and mission.

If you are interested in graphic design, marketing, social media, event management, or just helping to build the Stony Brook Robotics community, come and join our Events, Marketing, and Partnership teams. It is also possible to have secondary roles in engineering teams.


To access our lab spaces, all members are required to complete several safety courses that will teach the basics of lab safety. The required courses are: ENV 001 (Hazardous Waste), ELS 002 (Lab Safety - Chemical Hazards), and EOS 029 (Machine Shop Safety). All of these courses are taken through Blackboard and do not affect your transcript. They are solely to certify you to be in the lab spaces.

Please provide us with printed copies of the signed Machine Shop Safety Agreement, and your grades from all three courses to gain access to the lab spaces. You can provide them to us during our GBMs, lab hours, and build sessions.

The following link will guide you through the process of completing the safety courses and providing the required documentation. Please follow the directions carefully!

If you have taken one or more of these courses previously, you do not need to retake them. Please follow the guidelines in the above linked document to provide the required documentation before accessing the lab spaces.

General Lab Rules

1. No shorts, skirts, etc. Long pants only!

2. No open-toed shoes (such as sandals, flip-flops, etc.). Closed-toed shoes such as sneakers and boots only!

3. No food/beverages of any kind.

While these are a list of the basic rules you should follow, a more extensive list of rules that you must follow is provided in the Machine Shop Safety Agreement, a signed copy of which is required to gain access to the lab spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

During September, we will be hosting several info-sessions in classes, where we will give an overview of the team, our upcoming projects, and ways to get involved.

Also, feel free to approach our team members during the USG Involvement Fair, the CEAS Involvement Fair, or after the info-sessions for any specific questions. You can also attend our beginning of the semester GBMs, where we will give an introduction to the team and our projects.

For any specific dates, times, and locations of our info-sessions and GBMs, follow us at @sbroboticsteam!

Absolutely! We are dedicated to providing our members with skills and experience necessary to succeed.

Our mentorship program, workshops, and annual Internal Competition will help you get started by teaching you the fundamentals of robotics, engineering, and more!

No problem! We are always looking for passionate and dedicated students to join us. You can generally join us and get involved during any semester.

We will also be hosting a series of introductory robotics workshops throughout the year. This may be a good opportunity to learn more and see if robotics is the field for you.

While we do not have any time commitment requirements, we encourage all of our members to dedicate as much as they feel is necessary to accomplish their tasks.

All of our projects happen because our dedicated members are excited and passionate about the work that they do. We hope that you too will feel the same about the projects that you participate in.

Certainly! While we do encourage our members to take their workload into account before making a commitment, you have the freedom to be part of as many engineering teams and projects as you wish, if you feel you are capable of making the necessary time commitment.

Want to get involved?

Join us at our next meeting!


Stony Brook Robotics Team
231 Engineering Building
Stony Brook, NY 11794


014 Heavy Engineering Building
Stony Brook, NY 11794