This semester we will be hosting our General Body Meetings every week on Friday 3:00PM to 3:30PM at Heavy Engineering 201
Build sessions at the lab will occur right after! 
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The Stony Brook Robotics Team is a competitive, multidisciplinary, engineering design team at Stony Brook University.


Our mission is to foster an interest in robotics through competition, to empower students to gain practical experience in engineering and design, and to develop a core community of dedicated roboticists, scientists and engineers at Stony Brook.

Ultimately, we hope to ignite a mobilizing passion for robotics and engineering within the Stony Brook community and beyond. Through our initiatives, Stony Brook students strive to boldly challenge their abilities while constantly surpassing expectations. Together, Stony Brook Robotics members pursue their passions, encourage accomplishment, and build community.


Electrical Team

The Electrical Team is focused on embedded systems and circuit design. The team's primary function is to develop the power, drivetrain, and electronic communication systems for our robots.

Mechanical Team

The Mechanical Team is focused on CAD and mechanical fabrication. The team's main function is to design and build the drivetrain, the chassis, and the overall mechanical structure of our robots.

Software Team

The Software Team is focused on navigation, computer vision, and control systems. The team's main function is to develop the programs and applications that control, drive, and manipulate our robots.


Events Team

The Events Team organizes all of our awesome events, from our annual Internal Competition to our host of workshops.

Marketing Team

The Marketing Team manages our social media presence and creates the art work for our flyers, posters and apparel.

Partnership Team

The Partnership Team conducts outreach to companies and organizations that are interested in supporting our efforts.


We host a diverse array of programs through out the year to encourage students' passions for robotics, to teach technical skills, and to support our members in their drive to be successful leaders, problem-solvers, and creators.

We participate in an annual, international robotics competition, challenging our members to learn, design, and build projects across a variety of disciplines. Over the course of a year, our members plan, manage, and bring to fruition their ideas to represent Stony Brook University on the world stage.

Our workshop series educates Stony Brook students on key technical skills, ranging from mechanical CAD to computer vision. By bringing together our technical experience and a hands-on teaching approach, we develop our members' abilities and provide them with the tools to foster their passions. 


Our Mentoring Program is an initiative created to develop the skills of aspiring roboticists, engineers and scientists at Stony Brook University through peer mentorship in a wide-variety of fields ranging from mechanical design to computer vision. The program matches students to SBRT members based on topic and project interests. Over the course of a year, students are taught the fundamentals of a specific field and given collaborative projects that help them apply their newly learned skills to build practical technologies.

We organize an annual robotics competition at Stony Brook University for students interested in learning about robotics, developing their technical skills, and meeting like-minded people from all across campus. Over the course of a month, students form teams of 4-6 members to build robots to accomplish a set of tasks with the provided materials. Students have the opportunity to show off their robots in front of their peers, faculty, and staff, as well as win awards.




Thomas Montchal

Vice President

Luis Pagan 


Natalie Teng


Christopher Caporusso 

Public Relations Director

Yue (Mandy) Tang

Partnership Director

Dennis Huang

Electrical Team Lead

Noam Cicurel

Mechanical Team Lead

Jaiden Francis

Software Team Lead

Shrujan Shashank Mutheboyina

Project Manager

Nebil Oumer


Nilanjan Chakraborty

Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering

David Westerfeld

Professor of Practice 
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Stony Brook Robotics Team
231 Engineering Building
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014 Heavy Engineering Building
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