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The Stony Brook Robotics Team is a multidisciplinary engineering design team that aspires to develop our members' technical skills through innovative design challenges.

Mechanical CAD + Fabrication

From the computer aided design of our robot's mechanical structure to the fabrication of parts using a variety of materials, our mechanical team members have the opportunity to expand their skillsets through hands-on projects.

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Circuit Analysis + PCB Design

Our robots run on custom electrical circuit boards designed by our electrical team, whose members learn in-depth circuit analysis as they create PCBs that are made to meet strict specifications.

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Software Engineering

Across all of our projects, the software is always a key component that brings our robots to life. From low-level embedded systems to high-level object-oriented programming, our software team members have the chance to develop a wide breadth of skills.

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Geo-scientific Analysis

From finding signs of life on Mars-like environments to analyzing rock formations, our science team is geared to support our competition-specific goals through critical analysis of datasets and insight into the purpose of our robots.

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Let's engineer together

Want to expand your technical repertoire? Join the team! From the University Rover Challenge to our annual Internal Competition, our members have the opportunity to develop their skills by challenging themselves in competition-based projects.

  • Learn hands-on technical skills
  • Design innovative projects
  • Build awesome creations

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