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Innovate, Design, Build

The Stony Brook Robotics Team is a competitive engineering design team at Stony Brook University, composed of students who are passionate about robotics and are eager for a challenge. Our mission is to foster an interest in robotics through competition, to empower students to gain practical experience in engineering and design, and to develop a core community of dedicated roboticists, scientists and engineers at Stony Brook. With a focus on team bonding and growth, we are dedicated to creating an organization that aspires toward developing the engineering atmosphere on-campus.

Member Development

Above all else, we prioritize our members. As such, throughout the year, we host a diverse array of workshops, design challenges and other events to teach foundational engineering and design tools and methods, such as CAD, object-oriented programming and PCB design. We hope to continue to provide our members with opportunities to grow and succeed as individuals and as professionals in their respective fields.

Mentorship Program

The Stony Brook Robotics Team's Mentoring Program is an initiative created to develop the skills of aspiring roboticists, engineers and scientists at Stony Brook University through peer mentorship in a wide-variety of fields ranging from mechanical design to object-oriented programming. The program matches students to SBRT members based on topic and project interests. Over the course of a year, students are taught the fundamentals of specific field and given collaborative projects that help them apply their newly learned skills to build practical technologies.

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Internal Competition

Every year, the Stony Brook Robotics Team hosts a robotics competition at Stony Brook University for students interested in learning about robotics, developing their technical skills, and meeting like-minded people from all across campus. Over the course of a month, students form teams of 4-6 members to build robots to accomplish a set of tasks with the provided materials. On competition day, students have the opportunity to show off their robots in front of their peers, faculty, and staff, as well as win awards.

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Interested in Joining?

At the start of every semester, we recruit motivated and hard-working students from all years and from all disciplines who wish to be part of a continously-growing community and share their passion for engineering, design and robotics. Students of all skill-levels are welcome!

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Executive Board


Prangon Ghose


Prangon Ghose is a third year Computer Engineering student with a passion for product management and hardware-software integration.


Kevin Li

Vice President

Kevin Li is a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student with a passion for mechatronics and 3D printing technology.


Jamila Khanfri


Jamila Khanfri is a third year Mechanical Engineering student with an interest in robotics.


Sean Reagan


Sean Reagan is a third year Computer Science student with a focus on cyber security and computer networks.


Albert Thomas

Public Relations Director

Albert Thomas is a third year Computer Engineering student with interests in bionics and embedded systems.


Dorothy Lee

Sponsorship Director

Dorothy Lee is a second year Electrical Engineering student with an interest in robotics.


Daniel Moses

Software Team Lead

Daniel Moses is a fourth year Computer Science student with a passion for in robotics and large-scale systems.


Lily Li

Electrical Team Lead

Lily Li is a second year Computer Engineering student with interests in robotics and embedded systems.


Joseph Maalouf

Mechanical Team Lead

Joseph Maalouf is a third year Mechanical Engineering student with a passion for CAD and fabrication.

Design Teams


The Software Team is a robust and multi-disciplinary team with a focus toward autonomous navigation, computer vision and control systems. The team's main function is to develop the programs and applications that bring our robots to life.


The Electrical Team is an electrical engineering team geared toward PCB design, embedded systems. The team's primary function is to develop the core circuits that power our robots and to serve as an interface between the mechanical and software systems.


The Mechanical Team is a multi-disciplinary design and fabrication team with a focus on CAD and mechanical fabrication. The team's main function is to design and build the mechanical structure of our robots.

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